Welcome to Oliver's Mount Racing

One of Scarborough’s biggest annual tourist attractions, Oliver’s Mount road races, have drawn a huge following throughout its celebrated history. From Giacomo Agostini and Barry Sheene to John McGuinness and Guy Martin, the list of riders who have raced Oliver’s Mount is like a who’s who of road racing. 

HOT NEWS: As of Wednesday 19th August, extra motorhome and camping spaces have been allocated at Olivers Mount. Back on sale at £50 and £25 respectively for up to 4 nights. PRICE NEWS: Saturday and Sunday tickets are currently on sale at discounted prices, reverting to the original prices of £30 and £40 on Monday 24th August. With crowd capacity limited to 2500 per day and overnight space restricted, you’ll need to hurry to enjoy the thrills of real road racing in September!

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