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The Circuit

We must add that Oliver’s Mount is a public highway, if you visit Oliver’s Mount outside of race days, please note that the speed limit around the whole site is 30 mph. Please respect residents and other road users by sticking to these speed limits. Be aware of dog walkers, and children playing the park. You’re more than welcome to ‘ride’ a lap, but please be respectful.

Oliver’s Mount Road Race circuit is the only real road circuit on mainland UK soil. It’s unique, with every combination of corners and even a few jumps thrown in for good measure. Here is the step by step guide to a lap of the circuit.

Bottom Straight
Start Straight

The starts are action-packed, with up to 22 riders on the grid, three to a row.  Starts are closely fought, riders regularly touch elbows as riders fire off towards Mere Hairpin.

Mere Hairpin
Mere Hairpin

One of the tightest turns in motorsport, riders fight to haul down the speed for the first gear left-hand corner. Modern bikes will tap down from 4th gear, 100mph plus back to first gear. 

Sheene's Rise
Sheene Rise

An extremely steep pull uphill climb from Mere Hairpin. Big bikes struggle to lay down the power and control wheelies as they power up the hill, especially tricky in the wet. 


The first turn of the esses. Riders are blind on the approach as they sweep through Quarry Hill. With a nice kerb on the inside, this right turn is a rider favourite, usually taken in second gear.


Momentum is the key here as riders try to carry speed through this left turn before firing along the back straight. The corner has a positive camber at the apex, but not on the exit.

Back Straight

The back straight is not straight. There is a kink to it and slight undulations. At the end of the straight superbikes will be topping 170mph,  a supersport 600 will be flat in top gear.

Palmers Cafe

Turn one of the memorial complex. Left followed by another left. A great spectator point with views out over Scarborough bay. This is another opportunity for overtaking as riders dive up the inside. 


A very tricky first gear turn, and another overtaking opportunity. It’s important to get a good drive on the exit, but it’s always slippery especially in the wet.


Like Farquhar’s there’s a kink in the straight, which must be taken with surgical precision if you’re planning an overtake into Drury’s the next corner. The straight might appear short, but bigger bikes will hit over 120mph in this section.


Another spectator hotspot as riders use this turn as a great passing place. A 180 degree right that fires riders back downhill towards Mountside. Again riders will brush their bodies against the banking on the inside.


Arguably the best passing place on Oliver’s Mount. Braking from 130mph, using the bridge as a rough brake marker, riders dive inside here and block pass to move forward. It is an exciting place to watch as riders fight for position.

Jefferies Jumps
Jefferies Jumps

The most spectacular section of track, as bikes literally take to the air. The main jump in taken in 5th gear, sometimes top,  as riders often take the leap at 140-150mph.

Farm Bends
Farm Bends

The newest addition to Oliver’s Mount designed to slow riders down before the finish line. An off-camber right, left and right brings the riders back onto the start/finish straight. The exit is tricky and very easy to highside.