Everything you need to know

Oliver's Mount Circuit

Oliver’s Mount Road Race circuit is the only real road circuit on mainland UK soil. It’s unique, with every combination of corners and even a few jumps thrown in for good measure. Here is the step by step guide to a lap of the circuit.

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Where to Stay

Motorhome/Caravan and Camping is available on site. However, if camping isn't for you please click on the link below:


Disabled Access

Due to the topography of Olivers Mount, disabled access is limited, we do however have disabled facilities available. We have a viewing area at "esses out" that is hard standing along with disabled toilets, disabled camping is also located near by for ease of access to the viewing area and trade village. Call us if you have any further questions.



For your convenience, we have put together a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Please see below.

1.       What postcode do I use to get there?

YO11 2UG

2.       Can I bring my dog?

Yes, they must always be kept on a lead, even if you feel that your dog is fine off a lead or far enough away from the circuit, they must be kept on their lead, any dog spotted off the lead will result in the racing being red-flagged.

3.       What time can I turn up with a weekend ticket?

Gates open at 8.00 am

4.       What time can I get into the camping/motorhome area?

From 2 pm on Friday.

5.       What time can I leave the camping/motorhome area?

Motorhome area is located on the inside of the circuit so departure must be in the morning before 8.00 am or after racing from 6 pm

6.       I understand with a motorhome I will be in the middle of the circuit, but can I get out of the area with the car during the day?

If you park your car in the car park on the outside of the circuit, you can come and go as you please.

7.       What time can I turn up on race day?

Anytime from 8.00 am

8.       What time can I turn up if I am camping for the night prior to having one-day race ticket?

From 5 pm onwards

9.       Can you buy tickets at the gate?

Usually yes, but not during the current Coronavirus restrictions

10.   Can you buy tickets for the Paddock on the day?

No, they are pre-purchase only due to limited capacity in the paddock. If we don’t sell out in advance, then they may be available on the day but there is no guarantee.

11.   Are there water facilities to fill my motorhome up?

Yes, we have 2 standpipes

12.   Can I empty my chemical toilet there?

Yes, we have Elsan units available.

13.   Is there an area for disabled motor homes?

Yes, this is located near Esses Out and there is hard standing for spectating. It is important to note that due to safety restrictions you will not be able to park near to the fence line of the circuit anywhere.

14.   Is there a specific area for disabled people?

Yes, there is a hard standing near Esses out and there is also Disabled toilets available. Please note that due to the nature of the circuit there is no safe place available for you to spectate from your vehicle.

15.   Are there disabled toilets available?


16.   Can I reserve a camping spot next to my mates?

When you arrive at the circuit let the stewards know that you would like the spot next to you saved for your friends and they will try and accommodate you, but this cannot be guaranteed.

17.   Can I leave the circuit after racing finish to go in Scarborough?

Yes, have fun but please don’t lose your wristband.

18.   Which entrance do I use if I am walking from the town?

Mountside entrance.

19.   Where are the entrances to get in on foot?

Mountside and Mere Lane

20.   Roughly what time do the races start and finish?

9 am until 6 pm

21.   Is there a trade village?

Yes, with food vendors and traders.

22.   Can I buy food whilst there?

Yes, there is a variety of food vendors in the trade village and throughout the venue.

23.   Is there a pub?

Yes, 2 of them. 1 small walk-up bar near the start line, which is open while the racing is on and a large marquee in the trade village. The Marquee is open from 10 am to 1 am, with live music in the evening (This may not happen due to Coronavirus restrictions). Our food vendors stay open late also, so you can enjoy a pint and your favourite food.

24.   Will there be live bands like previous?

Depends upon Coronavirus restrictions

25.   Do I need to provide evidence my child is under 16?

We don’t normally have any issues, but if you feel your child might be challenged then some proof would help, however, we trust that road racing fans are usually very honest people.

26.   Do I need a ticket for my child?

No, all we ask is that any children are accompanied by an adult

27.   How many children can I bring on an adult ticket?

We advise 2 children per adult.

28.   Is there a helmet storage area?

Yes, this is run by volunteers and all money raised is donated to the North Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

29.   Can I use a generator?

Yes, but we request they are turned off at 11 pm in consideration for other campers. If there is any reason that you require them running throughout the night please let the stewards know upon your arrival.

30.   Where can I park?

There is a car park on-site

31.   How much is parking?


32.   What facilities are there if I camp?

There are toilets and showers on site

33.   Are there restricted areas for viewing?

Yes, there is a few areas that have been restricted for safety reasons, these are clearly marked out around circuit.

34.   Where is the best spot to watch?

If you are coming to spectate for the first time, we would advise you have a walk around the circuit and see for yourself.

35.   Is the hill as bad as everyone says it is?


36.   Can you recommend somewhere to stay?

Check out the discover Yorkshire website:

37.   Can you recommend somewhere to eat in Scarborough?

Check out the discover Yorkshire website: 

38.   How do I become a Marshal?

Email Shaun Dalton, the Chief Marshal, for a membership form: